5 of the Weirdest Sports to Try This Year
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When you think about the top sporting events in the world, your mind probably conjures up the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or the soccer World Cup. These are all great sports to watch, but unless you're a professional athlete earning big bucks, they can be a bit dull to participate in. It's a lot more fun to try something outlandish and different, and sport is supposed to be fun after all. With that in mind, here are five weird sports that are also completely enjoyable.

Roller Derby
Roller skating can be great fun in its own right, but have you ever circled the rink for the tenth time and wished you could knock some people over? Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a psychopath, but it does mean that you're ready for roller derby. It combines racing on roller skates with full body contact, so it's little wonder that it's becoming increasingly popular to watch and participate in. Riedell are the specialists in high quality roller derby skates, and other than them, you'll just need a helmet, some elbow and shoulder pads, and you're ready for the most fun you've had on wheels.

Kayak Polo
Water polo is another sport where you need to be prepared to give and take a push or two, within the rules of course, so it's a fun activity itself, but that fun is intensified when you add kayaks to the mix. Instead of swimming for the ball, you paddle your kayak, and as you might expect, that results in lots of clashing oars and lots of time spent submerged in the water.

Ice Freestyle
We're on skates of the ice kind this time. Ice dancing is fine in small doses, but let's face it, the music and the dancing itself are a little old fashioned - surely it's time to bring it into the 21st century? That's exactly what ice freestyle does, as it's dancing on ice accompanied by the latest banging tunes. Skaters can throw whatever shapes they want, from breakdancing to head spins; that's one way to keep a cool head in the sporting arena.

Underwater Hockey
Hockey on grass became dull, so we invented hockey on ice, but that too has become old hat now, so let's take it underwater! You still have to get the puck into the net, but this time the puck is weighted and at the bottom of the pool, so you'll need a snorkel as well as a stick. The secret to success in this sport is to co-ordinate breathing so that when some team members surface, others head under the water to replace them. You already know how to breathe? You're halfway there.

Chess Boxing
Whoever thought of combining chess and boxing is a genius, although possibly an evil one. Boxing rounds are interspersed with a minute of speed chess, and the winner can be determined by knockout or stoppage in the ring, or checkmate on the board. Will brains or brawn win? How would Floyd Mayweather fare against Garry Kasparov? Chess boxing is a great way to train your mind and body at the same time, so it could be the next big, crazy, thing.

From chess boxing to roller derby and underwater hockey, these sports might be weird but they're certainly not dull. They're also inexpensive to compete in, so grab your kit and get ready for a top sporting year that puts a smile on your face.

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