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7 Sep 2010
Historic Books no one can Decipher

Books that no one can decipher are not only hard to come across. They are difficult to find and they are hard to understand. Deciphering a cipher text, an ancient text or a cryptogram takes something special. And it takes time, resources and studies. The books no one can read live on through times just as those we can read.

The Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript has all the legendary notes to attract everyone. It is long and filled with pages that unfold. The author is said to be unknown. It is written in an unknown language that cryptographers said they could not read. The legend says that in World War I and WW II code breakers again failed to decrypt it. Why would code breakers from around the world put in their time and effort to try to understand a random manuscript?

The Book of Soyga
The Book of Soyga is 197 leaves long. That is interesting in itself. It is divided into 3 books. No problem so far...however, the final 9 pages or 18 leaves contain 36 tables of letters. Probably a codex. Is the Book of Soyga a double book? Why are people so fascinated with the discovery of the secret and the unknown?

The Mystery of the Somerton Man. (Taman Shud Case)
December 1st, 1948, an unidentified man was found dead on Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. He was 45 and in perfect physical conditions. Although it was a warm day he was found heavily dressed. He even had a tie, a brown pullover and coat. Inside a concealed pocket within his trousers he had a piece of paper with the words "Taman Shud". One word of the paper was translated. It was identified as part of a collection of poems of The Rubaiyat. The Rubaiyat was written by Omar Khayyam. Omar Khayyam was born in 1048 AD in Iran. He was Persian, polymath, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, physician, and poet. He wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, and music. The paper in the pants of the Somerton Man is said to have been translated.

The Necronomicon
Some say it is a book of magic. Others say it is a book of things now dead and gone. The book is said to contain rumours, speculation, and nonsense. It became a myth and was considered unreadable. The Necronomicon was written in seven volumes, and runs to over 900 pages in the Latin edition. It is linked by some to Al Azif. An American Author Lovecraft worked with it for inspiration. The book is also said to be written in Damascus in 730 A.D. by Abdul Alhazred. The true book, true author and true meaning of the book is still unknown.

The Book of Isa: The Injil ( إنجيل )

The Qu´ran refers to many books. One of them is the book of Isa. Isa in the Qu´ran is the name known as Jesus. Isa is the son of Maryman (Mary), a story also written in the Qu´ran. When interpreting the Qu´ran words scholars refer to the Book of Isa as a book that was not written, but spoken.

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