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2 Sep 2010
Biggest Killing Machines of All Times

When people think serial killers certain names come to mind. Names such as, Ted Bundy (23 murder confirmed), the Green River Killer Ridgway (48 confirmed), the Monster Jeffery Dahmer (17confirmed) or Charles Manson and followers (7 murders confirmed). However, history shows us that serial killers have been lurking in the past. The body counts rise to incredible figures.

The Blood Countess
Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed is said to have tortured and killed more than 600 victims. From 1610 to 1611, more than 300 witnesses testified in the case in the former Kingdom of Hungry. Her guilt is still today debated. The "Bloody Lady of Čachtice" lived in a castle most of her life. Her victims where mostly girls and young woman. Her four collaborators where accused and convicted for murder of 80 victims. She was never tried nor accused. She was arrested and is said to have died four years later. Rumours said she bathed in blood from virgins to retain her youth. She was compared with Vlad III.

Vlad III
The Prince of Wallachia (Romania) reigned from 1456 to 1462. He is know for many things, from the resistance to Ottoman Empire to the cruel punishments he imposed on his enemies. In a letter he wrote: "I have killed men and women, old and young... 23,884 Turks and Bulgarians without counting those whom we burned alive in their homes or whose heads were not chopped off by our soldiers..." German stories say Vald III killed about 80,000 victims. Others say this number is exaggerated. One thing everybody agrees with is that Vlad III is also known as Dracul.

Enough to Kill Ten thousand Men
Gilles de Rais fought in the last years of the war of 200 years side by side Joan of Arc. Passionate for arts and music, he was also called Blue Beard for the reflection of his beard. He spent most his fortune on theatrical events. The military campaigned was financed by the Dolphin of France. His killings belong to the final part of his military career. Some say he is misunderstood. Historians say he sacrificed human lives, used castles, incantations and magic. His killing stories are filled with the most unusual details. In his trial he is said to have said to the judge, “I've told you greater things than this and enough to kill ten thousand men."

Serial Doctors
Hu Wanlin was born in China. He was first arrested as a young man. In 1993 in prison he opened a medical practice. He illegally practiced medicine. When they finally arrested him again he was trialled for the killing of 146. He had killed them with his medical treatments. Some suspect he killed more. Another Doctor, Dr Harold Shipman confessed to nearly 250 deaths. H.H Holmes or Doctor Henry Howard Holmes was the first American Serial Killer Documented of Modern Times. He opened a hotel in 1893 in Chicago. He confessed to 27 murders but historians say his body counts rise to 230 kills.

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