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7 Sep 2010
Top Strangest Future Transportation Projects

They cut through space like knife through bread and butter. They don't pause in the past and move forward into the future. Whoever said transportation is not evolving has never seen these designs.

We will move it for you
The Venus Project is based in Venus, Florida. They say they go beyond politics, poverty and war. The Jacque Fresco designs take transportation to an unknown dimensions. It combines transport with architecture, and structures with energy. Meet… the moving apartment. That sounds like a smooth ride. Strap on to your couch when the machine starts to roam.

The Flying Apartment
The team of Michael Robinson gave the moving apartment a twist. They came up with the Flying Apartment System. They say the Flying Apartment System could fly its residents to another continent. They say the flight could take 15 minutes. "Floating just like an aeroplane at a high altitude." I am beginning to think future transportation designers are world phobic. The whole point of travelling is getting out of the apartment. Besides, who would want to fly in a flying apartment? Travelling without moving, sounds like smoke to me.

The Proof
The following is proof that the transportation industry is taking alternative transport seriously. They are investing in all type of prototypes and new designs which they plan to release to the public. They have been working on the mono-wheel for some time now.

Here is a video of the Monowheel.

Look at that technology.

No wheels, no rubber, more green?
BMW got this design out. Did they decide future cars will have no wheels? This one is called ZX-7. You don't want to see what the ZX-1 looks like.

Rack them and pack them
MIT's put all their ingenious to work and they came up with the City Car. In my opinion it looks like a giant baby stroller. I think the guys at MIT where just having a laugh. I think they made this car for those who always say, "future transportation is in its infant stage". Infant, yes, rack them up and stack them.

The Explicit' Personal Mobility Vehicle looks a lot like MIT's car. I don't know who built it first. But it just look ridiculous.

The Bionic Transporter
The Bionic Transporter is the car of the future. The makers say the vehicle has a better understanding of traffic behaviour, "allowing safe and improved commuting". It even uses wind. What for? It has a flap to brake the thing.

Road Bugs
The IVECO Overland Truck seems a nice piece of machinery to ... go mining on Mars. Honestly, there is no way any earth person would roll on that giant Bug. Well, if you come by my house with it, I might be tempted to take it for a spin. Tip, watch out when turning corners. For some reason the spare tire sticks out of the front of car. Who did the aerodynamics on that one?

If you are in a hurry you can take the Go-Car.

The problem with the go car is that you might be riding it down the road, feeling very powerful, when you suddenly find that the new Scania is coming right at you. Below are the images of Scania, Mercedes and Renault future trucks. And you thought it was only car designers who where going mental?

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