Top 10 biggest planes that have ever been in production

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

Recent developments in aircraft technology have resulted the emergence of big, strong and top-class planes that are designed to minimize the cost of transport while maximizing the profits. Although, truth be told, human kind has always tried to get bigger and better, in everything. Aircraft technology has not been left behind either with some of the largest planes ever to be built by humankind validating these claims.

The top 10 biggest planes that have ever been in production include:

1. Antonov An-225
Topping the list of the top 10 biggest planes that have ever been manufactured is the Antonov An-225 that is widely recognized as the largest airplane in the world. This plane is also regarded as the heaviest aircraft ever with an approximate takeoff weight that is greater than 640 tons. It is quite unclear how this plane manages to float so easily in air.

Many aircraft experts have come up with complex aeronautical calculations and terms to explain this scenario.

2. Airbus A340-600
With a recorded plane length of slightly more than 75 meters, the gigantic Airbus A340-600 is the second longest passenger aircraft in the world. This plane has the ability to ferry 600 people in a single flight making it one of the cost-effective passenger planes ever to be manufactured by humankind. Airbus A340-600 is also one of the most recent planes having made its first flight at the end of the month of April in the year 2001.

3. Boeing 747-8
This latest edition of the Boeing whose first flight was on the 8th February 2010 is the longest passenger aircraft with a head to tail length of 76.4m. This surpasses the length of Airbus A340-600 which was initially regarded as the longest passenger aircraft.

4. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a specially manufactured United States Air Force strategic air lifter which has gained worldwide recognition as one of the largest military aircraft in the world. This aircraft plays a major role in the US defense sector with many pundits acknowledging it as one of the pillars of security for the world Superpower.

5. Airbus A380
The top rated Airbus A380 is regarded as one of the largest mass-produced aircraft and the highest-capacity passenger aircraft in the world. Airbus A380 is also ultra-modern in every sense with its flight recorded on the 27th of April 2005.

6. Antonov An-124
Regarded as the World's largest military aircraft, Antonov An-124 is also the second largest mass-produced aircraft. The technology used in the production and development of this aircraft is superb and can only be described as innovation at its best.

7. Boeing 747 LCF
Commonly referred to as the Dream-lifter, Boeing 747 LCF has an engorged fuselage for 787 parts transport. This differentiates it from other aircraft, making it a rare species. This is probably one of the biggest aircraft in the world.

8. Tupolev Tu-160
Eighth in the list is the Tupolev Tu-160 which made its first flight in December 1981. This plane is regarded as the heaviest aircraft ever to be built.

9. Airbus A380-900
Airbus A380-900 is regarded as World's highest-capacity passenger aircraft in history. Although still under development, this plane is set to shake the World of aircrafts with its gigantic size. It is said that this plane will not fit on some airports because of its size! Whether this is true, is something that no one knows; only time will tell.

10. Ekranoplan KM
This plane was once regarded as the largest aircraft in the world until the development of Antonov An-225. With a take-off weight of 544 tons, this aircraft crashed into the Caspian Sea and was too heavy to be recovered.

Ekranoplan KM will go down the history of aircraft as one of the biggest innovation of the human race that showed how imaginative our minds are in the field of technology.

It is important to note that there are plans to develop planes that are bigger and more efficient, so in five years this list could look totally different.

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