Revolutionary Travel Laptops - Top That!

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

Laptops are one of the greatest gifts of technology to mankind. They come in different shapes and sizes loaded with with different features.

World's Thinnest laptop
The MacBook Air designed by Apple and is famous as the world's thinnest laptop. It is the first product of Apple to use Apple's precision aluminium unified body which makes it amazingly thin and as a result light as hell. But that does not affect its performance in a bad way. Rather this piece of machinery led the way to new expectations. Not to mention it is a perfect example of beautiful engineering with a perfect look.

World's lightest laptops
The computer industry has been revolutionised by the digital age. Across the time laptops are becoming lighter, thinner and faster. There are laptops out there weighing less than 3 pounds. Some of them to be mentioned are

  • Fujitsu Laptop Q2010 (2.2 pounds)
  • Dell Latitude D420 ( 3 pounds)
  • Sony Vaio VGNTX750PB ( 2.76 pounds)

Unlike the heavier laptops, the lighter laptops tend to have a smaller screen and a more compact keyboard.

World's Smallest laptops
These days people are interested inlaptops which are easy to carry around. There was a time when it was needed to compromise the features for the size, but now it is not the case any more. The smaller laptops also come with sufficient memory or other high-tech features like a good processor. The world's smallest laptop can be as small as your palm e.g The Ben NanoNet, which is less than 100 mm wide and 17 mm thick and a Dinky 3" screen. Some of the producers of such laptops are Sony, Lenovo, etc.

The world's most High-tech laptops
With the introduction of Windows 8 in the market laptops-tablet hybrids are gaining more in popularity. These high –tech laptops comes packed with all the features like being light-weight to powerful processor. They have an HD resolution and also touchscreen and not to mention enough memory. Some of them to be mentioned are

  • Samsung's The Series 7 Ultra
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13in with retina display
  • Lenovo Thinkpad Helix

World's longest lasting laptop battery
These days everyone wants their laptop not to die within a few hours of the charger being unplugged. In a market the laptops with operating time as long as 8hours are available. Some system also have a larger battery sold separately to stay active somewhere around 20 hours. Some of the laptops with long lasting battery available are

  • Lenovo Thinkpad X230 (7 hours)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T430 ( 13.25 hours with extended battery)
  • Dell Latitude E6430 ( 10 hour 37 minutes)
  • Sony Vaoi SE ( 10.35 hours)

Now to think of it, the fact that we didn't think of military grade laptops, we might be wrong about some of these being the world's thinnest, lightest or...whatever else, but they definitely should show you a thing or two about what to look for.

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