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24 Jan 2014
Only in Dubai: The Arabian Canal

When you think of Dubai, I bet that for most of you, the first things that come to mind are some sort of super-mega-ultra projects. And for a reason. Dubai has built lots of great things within the past decades. About all of them we'll talk about in another projects, but one of the latest ones, initially planned to finish in 2012 (well, it didn't happen), is The Arabian Canal.

The Plan
The Arabian Canal is planned to be a 150 meters wide, 6 meters deep and 75km long man-made canal that would start at the Dubai Marina and that would go around the Al Maktoum International Airport and then enter the sea again at the outer end of Palm Jebel Ali. Building the canal requires the excavation of 1.1 billion cubic meters of soil and the cost of the project is roughly 11 billion. But as in case of many things in Dubai, that's just the beginning. The plan also includes a $50 billion construction of a new city within a the city on 20 000 hectars of land.

Current Situation
While the excavation works have started, unfortunately the building has been on hold since 2009, possibly due to the 2009-2010 debt crisis in the country. Whether the project will ever be completed is questionable, but at the same time, considering, after all, it's Dubai that we are talking about, it's quite possible.

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