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8 Feb 2012
The marriage proposals to copy - top that!

Whenever you see yet another romantic comedy, all of the guys there end up doing some inventive and outrageous wedding proposals. Very often, the worse the movie, the bigger the proposal, but maybe that's just me. Besides, I don't really give a fart about marriage at all. I think it's just a financial institution also meant for one side of the marriage to give him or her a reason to expect the other side is faithful (well, this seldom actually happens, but they still expect that).

However, even I, the person with anti-marriage fetish, think some of these marriage proposals are simply great to watch.

Simply idiotic
Let's start off with nothing special. It's not great, it's not even good, but it definitely is rather idiotic. People make fools of themselves to propose. While often it seems to be worth it...some things should just be left in people's creepy fantasies.

Just a stunt
This one is sort of similar to the previous one except for one tiny difference. It's simple, it's a good and effective one.

Movie theater proposal
If we talk about well thought-through and perfectly realized proposals, then this might be a reaaaly good example. Getting a NO answer there would have been creepy though. But I've got to admit, that proposal is close to being perfect.

Back to the childhood
Well, no, this proposal isn't about going back to the childhood. But that's the feeling I got when I was watching it. I felt I'd like to feel the same, without any restrictions, do whatever comes to your mind and never feel embarrassed about any of it. And I mean it in the best possible way - I think that's one state of mind we should all strive getting back to. Enjoy!

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