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2 Sep 2010
Weirdest sports of all times

Here are some facts. Sports are part of human history. Sports evolve constantly. Old sports end and new sports rise. Sports Business is a billion dollar business. Sports are good to health. Sports can be amateur, professional or plain weird and ridiculous.

Breaking into the world of sports with new sports takes a lot of energy. Some sports try to become popular when they only become strange.


Bossaball is the name of a strange new sport. It mixes up volley, with football, inflatable's, trampolines and capoeira. The rules are similar to the volley-ball rules. The court is like nothing seen before. Some say it is fantastic to bounce up and down. They consider Bossaball a serious sport. Who does? Specially, those who manufacture the court. Try hooking that up in your back yard. Do not worry about inflating the court. It should come with an air pump.

Swim up the pole
What would the founders of the Olympics have thought about this sport? Swim up the pole was part of the Olympic games. In the 1900 Olympics, swimmers had to climb over a pole, then make their way through a line of boats, and swim. They called it the 200 metres obstacle swimming. Frederick Lane from Australia won the gold for the race. After that the event was discontinued. The reasons are not clear. Perhaps the pole was too slippery when wet?

Train surfing

Train surfing is not actually a sport. No one is sure about the origin. Most agree that the overload of action movies such as Mission Impossible are having an effect on the world of sports. Train Surfing is not legal. New laws had to be written because no law maker imagined a person would surf on a train. High Speed Trains speed from 200 kilometres to 500 k an hour. Some claim it is popular in India, when in fact train surfing in India is more a matter of social need for transportation.

Chess Boxing
If volcanic surfing is not enough for you. If crocodile bungee jumping does give you the kick then you should try Chess Boxing. Chess boxing is a mix of boxing and chess. Just make sure to take it up with a professional boxer. One thing though, have your chess moves memorized and beat him before taking to the ring. It is unlikely you will live beyond a professional boxing hit.

Rolling and rolling

In the UK people roll down a hill for a round piece of cheese. They call it a fun and dangerous sport. Rolling is part of many sports. Some motorcycles fans took an old rolling act to the limit. They do not roll for cheese. They roll motorcycles and cars in a giant barrel. The sport is called, the Wall of Death.

Extreme Ironing?

The extreme Ironing Bureau says that Extreme Ironing is the only sport that combines extreme outdoor activity with a well pressed shirt. That is a relief, who needs more than one sport that combines ironing? Bizarre, rare, dangerous, extreme and kind of female featured, extreme iron can occur in bicycles, under water or in sea beds. Iron sky diving is to chase the iron table with your iron before your parachute deploys. What else is installed in this world wide growing sport? Iron on boats, on canoes, on mountain heights, on buses, on speeding cars, and on just about any extreme sport. Extreme sports but with an iron. What is up with that?

Animal Sport

Animal sport speaks of the true nature of sports. It has nothing to do with sport gambling. Animal Sport is the nightmare of environmentalist and animal right protectionist. It is a symbol of the ridicule and weird. To name a few we have Cow fighting. Cow fighting is two cows going at it. Rumours on the street has it that soon a new innovation will be added to Cow fighting. Spectators will have to guess which of the cows is a clone. Pig wrestling is not two pigs wrestling but a mix of woman, mud, pigs and slippery mixed martial arts. High society also has elephant polo (of course longer sticks are required). Some claim there is a sport called Elephant Basketball. That just sounds ridiculous, everybody knows Elephants can't jump.

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