Have you heard about Moisturizing Jeans? Top That!

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

Women, be aware! According to...hmm, alleged studies, what hurts your beauty efforts, something that is helping your body get rid of all your youthful moisture from your skin are you clothes! To fight this evil, a totally new product has been brought to market, namely moisturizing jeans. Allegedly these moisturizing jeans "protect your legs from the dehydrating effects of denim, " (according to Vogue UK).

Marketers have long and hard, for pretty much centuries or millenia been doing their best to produce the need for things we don't really need. Create solutions to problems we never had, or at least until today never knew we had. And these moisturizing jeans are definitely a step in the right direction (Right? At least in this sense it is, right? Hmm).

You have the chance to choose between three different options - Aloe Vera, Olive Extract, and Smooth Legs.

So what are you waiting for, you can get your moisturizing jeans today for as little as 136 bucks.

Top That!